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As you’ve probably guessed, this is a blog about table-top roleplaying games. 20-Sided Life might be a little bit of a misnomer, because we aren’t just about Dungeons & Dragons. We’re interested in all kinds of roleplaying games. As I look up and take just a quick scan of my bookshelf, I see a huge collection: Almost four dozen D&D books (3.5 & 4E), d20 Modern (along with d20 FuturePast & Apocalypse, andCyberscape), Warhammer 40K: Dark HeresyStar Wars Saga Edition, and the Serenity … Shadowrun. For settings, I’ve got Eberron (a favorite), the Forgotten RealmsDragonlance, the Iron KingdomsFreeport and Pathfinder. Frankly, it’s more than I can hope to play, but it’s certainly not more than I can think about playing…

So, yeah, we like a lot of stuff, and while the mechanics matter in a game, for us it is really about being able to craft a good story. As you can see, we like a lot of different kinds of stories! That’s what makes roleplaying such a great hobby – you don’t have to wait for someone else to give you the story you want to play, and it’s different every time around.

So, settle in, enjoy your visit. As we grow the blog, we hope you’ll tag along with us and share your thoughts on ideas on a hobby we all love.


Regarding Ferguson Finn.
Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, now living under deep  cover in the Rocky Mountain West. A relatively pleasant and  happy sarcasticist, descended from a long line of good-hearted Irish curmudgeons.

Ferg is a self-described scholar and a gentleman, in the grand tradition of coffee-shop scholars. The obtuse but energetic Mr. Finn spends his days wandering the Autumn corridors of some Western tech giant.

tn_88259_jpgRegarding Dangerfish
Dangerfish aspires to become a Giant Fighting Robot and live out his dream of subjugating NeoTokyo – at least up until he is destroyed by an annoying but frusteratingly resourceful teenager with inexplicable powers.


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