game report 2: Dr Karinsky, I presume

After docking with the ExoGeni research ship Hawking, Captain Garrett calls down his head Engineer, Nex and lead technologist Ule to join him for the meeting with Dr Karinsky.

The team is met at the docking bay by a lone escort who takes them slowly through the facilities on the vessel, making their way back to what they assume is Karinsky’s quarters. They soon arrive at an ornate door that looks to be natural wood—a stark oddity amidst the efficient sheen of the poly metals of the passageways and bulkheads. The escort knocks and announces the party. The door is opened by a massive creature, a cyclops who motions them into a large chamber of high ceilings, marble floors and pillars, a fountain and statuary.

“Please have a seat, the Doctor will see you shortly” the creature rumbles before taking his position in the shadows.

Garrett shoots a glance at Ule and Nex, wishing now he’d brought some firepower in case this didn’t go well.  They make their way down a broad marble staircase to a well-appointed seating area. As they sit, stiffly gazing at the ornate furnishing, Nex leans close to Garret

“Synths, sir—all three of them” Nex nods and motions–tilting his head back towards the door.

Garrett leans back, casually stretching his arm along the top of the velvet couch and shoots a glance back at the Cyclops. Nex was right, there are three of them—clearly guards, and Synths or not, he was sure that they would cause no end of trouble if things went sideways for some reason. Garrett nods back at Nex.  He tries to catch Ule’s attention as the young Txiki plucks a leaf off a small ornamental tree that’s growing in an urn next to his chair. Not paying attention to his shipmates, Ule looks closely at the leaf, smells it, and cautiously touches it to the tip of his tongue.

“Gentlemen, I trust that your trip was brief and your wait here comfortable”

The team looks up to see a distinguished older man, with a shock of white hair and a neatly trimmed beard making his way down the marble steps towards them. He is flanked on both sides by the massive guards.


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