game report 1: “this one is off-the-books”

Opening scene:
The venture ship Devil Doll is in her berth aboard the Drop ShipExoGeni exploratory cruiser Mercader. The crew of the Doll is busy prepping the ship for the next run and looking forward to some RnR with the recent earnings from the last venture. 

First mate Zhan is tending to the procedural paperwork involved in closing out the last mission.
Masa is deep in her workout regime.
Atlas watches a holofile of some unintelligible Telemon sporting event.
Ule is coding a side project at his work station.
Nex fiddles with the engine core—after the bloody end of the last campaign, he’s looking for places to improve the ships extraction speed and maneuverability.

Captain Garrett walks along the outside of  ship, running his hand along the hull–looking for the perfect spot to get some paint on her, now that they’ll be getting paid. 

A familiar voice calls out from across the Mercader’s bustling staging deck. “Captain Garrett!” It’s Banson Davis, the Corporate Liaison from the crew’s employer—ExoGeni. He and the Captain speak briefly and Garrett agrees to meet him in the briefing room for details shortly.

At their meeting, Banson explains that this particular mission is “off the books” and of a very sensitive nature. Recently, a venerable ExoGeni scientist, Adelio Karinsky, who’s known for his revolutionary work in synth-robotics and advanced AIs, daughter has disappeared. Banson asks Garrett to take the team to the research vessel Hawking and find out what’s going on. He stresses that the Corporation has a tremendous investment in the Doctor and his research, so this task—and the team’s discretion—is of the utmost importance.

Garrett accepts the mission, and goes to scramble the crew. He briefs them on the mission, and within a half hour they drop into the black and burn for the research vessel Hawking.


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