back to the table

We are finally getting back to our d20 Future game tonight, and I couldn’t be more excited.  After our all-day kickoff session a month ago, we ended up taking a little break for a number of reasons.   First off, I’ve become a bit of a wargamer, and really enjoy playing Warmachine.  I ended up spending a good portion of what little free time I had last month play-testing the upcoming second edition rules (you can read all about that on my other blog).  On top of that, work has been extremely busy, and more than a little bit ugly.  But the real reason is far more insidious – I couldn’t think of a damn thing to run.

That fact was pretty amazing to me, considering that one of the primary reasons we wanted to run a “space opera” type game was to take advantage of the sheer number of adventure hooks it could offer.  To be fair, I wasn’t lacking for hooks  – for the last few months I’ve been reading tons of science fiction short stories in my free time to get the ideas flowing.  I carry around a little notebook and scribble down new adventure seeds as fast as  can I think of them, and the notebook is just full of them!  What I seemed to be lacking the ability to actually develop them into anything that sounded interesting or playable.  I stewed on it for a while, and then I started to talk to Ferg about it, and we realized real life had come crashing in hard.

Work has not been going well – new senior management, a new organization, a new boss, all at a company that most folks were saying only had 6-9 months of life left before it ran out of runway.  We noticed that our lunchtime conversations about dropships and plasma cannons had slowly been replaced with talk of corporate acquisition plans and cash flows.  I realized that over the last few months Ferg and I had both slipped precariously down a few rungs on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.   It turns out it’s hard to think about gaming and self-actualization when you are worried about your paycheck.   Such are the perils of the family-man gamer, I suppose.

The good news is that much of that gloom and doom seems to be passing – either that, or we’ve just begun to accept it as the status quo (a frightening proposition indeed!)  The upshot is that my mind has once again found itself content enough to wander in the fertile grounds of Faster-Than-Light Drives and mecha the size of my house.  The great creativity log-jam has broken free, and the ideas are flowing again.  I’ve got a good story to run, and I’m ready to go again – tonight Venture Captain Eamon Garrett and the crew of the Devil Doll will set sail in the sea of black in search of danger, adventure and coin.   Hopefully I can cajole Ferguson into providing a game report after the fact, and we can, as they say, get this party started. 

Until then, keep flying.


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